What You Need to Know About Bet Sizing

If you bet in a poker tournament, it is crucial to wager the right amount. You must know that the size of the bet is generally measured in relation to the pot. This simply means that all players need to be aware of how big the pot is so they will know how much they stand to win.

Although there is no one “perfect” bet size that can be used in all pots, professionals have a way of betting. Here’s an idea:

Small bets
The size you choose to bet will depend on the following situations:
• On dry board: you already know that if there are few to no draws possible, then flush

draw or open-ended straight draw is not likely. In this case, it is crucial to protect a big hand because the chances of it being outdrawn are poor. With this, it is okay to bet a little in the hope of enticing a call to inflate the pot. You must remember though that if you bet small with a good hand, you need to bluff small. Good players will spot changes in your patterns and can figure out when you are bluffing and when you are not.
• On the river: if all the community cards have been revealed, no opponent can outdraw your hand. This means that it is no longer necessary to protect the big hand. The situation is like an extremely dry board and bets on the river appear to be smaller than bets on other streets.
• As continuation bet: a continuation bet means following up a pre-flop raise. This simply means you are extending your aggression. A continuation bet is your way of picking up the pot especially if the opponent missed the flop.

Large bets
With the right situation, large bets can be a strong weapon. If you put large bets, it will give a lot of pressure on your opponents thereby forcing them into decisions that can cost their chips. Aside from that, big bets are useful especially during bluffing decent hands, protecting against strong draws or gaining huge value with strong hands.

Situations that require large bets include:
• Drawing heavy board: you should bet big if you found many ways in which your

strong hand can be outdrawn.
• Pre-flop: strong hand before any community cards are dealt can be prone against weaker one. If you raise pre-flop, it should be a large raise to influence holdings that might beat you.
• With the nuts: if you have the best possible hand, you need to bet big in order to create a huge pot. However, you need to make a huge bluff as other opponents might figure out your pattern.

If you think the bet is necessary but the situation is not listed above, it is time to consider a medium-sized bet. Poker is not easy and can be tricky but with the right resources, you can win. There are many sources you can consider like Bandar Ceme Online to help you with betting. At the end of the day, it will be to your advantage if you how to size your bets properly.

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