Step By Step Procedures on How to Use Live Draw Sgp

Are you new to live to draw online gambling? Live draw sgp is a live-streaming lottery game, the most exciting gambling game for users worldwide. Live draw sgp is a lottery game that you can watch on your computer or smartphone app. And if you wish to try out this game, you should know how it works to win more at a minimum bet amount.

Here are ten ways how to live draw sgp works in an online lottery gambling games:

  1. You create an account

You should first sign up for the lottery game. Click the appropriate link from this page. And you should click on the “register” button to create your account.

  1. Refresh page

After creating your account, you should refresh, and then you will find the ‘login’ button on the top bar, which you need to click on to log in for the first time. You will have an option that allows you to log in by using your Google Play or Facebook account if these accounts are already logged in or are not yet logged in to these platforms.

  1. You can verify your account.

After login, you will see the dashboard on the dashboard page. Then you have to press a button that says ‘verify.’ Once you press this button, a verification code will appear on your screen. Then you go to your registered email address in the lottery game and find a message containing the verification code.

  1. Deposit money into the account

You can deposit money into your account using different ways such as Visa/Master credit card, i-banking, interbank transfer, and more. It can be done any time when you are logged in.

live draw sgp

  1. Setting the bet amount at a minimum

You can set your bet amount for every draw. When you select a tie, you can see the minimum bet amount you need to play for. If it is not enough to play, then there will be no winning result from that draw. So place an adequate bet amount before playing that particular draw.

  1. Searching your prize

The prize list will appear on a betting page when you open the live draws page after playing draws. There are different ways to find your winning numbers, such as searching by number, searching by signature, and other methods.

You win the draw result.

If you have placed the minimum bet amount and your numbers appear as the winning number, then you will get a prize according to the prize list on the life draws page. It depends on your settings, so don’t get panic when you don’t win.

  1. You can claim the prize immediately by logging in and setting the password

You must log in after claiming the bonus and select a password that will prevent others from claiming it again, at least for 30 days.


Live draw sgp is a top-rated and exciting lottery game. And there are many ways this game works, so you can better understand live draw sgp by knowing about these ten ways. And if you wish to play this game and win more, try it now!

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