Poker Run – Have you Ever Been in an Amazing Race?

The modest beginning of poker dates back more than ten centuries ago when it was believed that it evolved from different card games that have classification characteristics and are influenced by domino combinations, using a facial expression that should lead to the deceit of opponents and fool them. Any combination of cards in your hand. This facial expression is what we call today a shameful poker face. But according to the tradition of developing an exciting game, such as poker, for example, as ordinary athletics becomes a relay game, a poker race is organized in every state almost every weekend. As in a normal poker game, a player receives five cards, starts trading and bluffing, and the player with the best hand wins. Exciting? Right There is no doubt why poker has gained popularity not only among casino clubs, but also in the virtual world of the Internet, which is played by players around the world. But poker enthusiasts don’t have enough of their idea as an old favorite that needs a new taste, another traditionally played poker event, plus a motorcycle or boat trip, you’re going to cover miles with poker.

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Usually, five control points will be built.

Maps and score sheets will be provided to players. At each stop, you will be given the opportunity to obtain maps, and they will be marked on your score board. At the last stop, the winner will be determined by comparing the result tables and, as in any other poker game, the winner of the poker race will remain the one with the best hand. Riders of all kinds can join poker depending on the set of themes, but the organizers. Cruise, large or small bicycles, old or new cars, and the list continues until these vehicles can take you to the next meeting, and the competition rules do not say otherwise, you can ride and then see if you can win the situs dominoqq online.


While traditional brick and mortar poker restricts you to a room away from the sun, and online poker games provide you with the comfort that is exceptional for your modest life, the poker career takes you to the world and most likely takes him to places you’ve never been. Until you are asked to cross the states, climb mountains, navigate the seas, cross the river or jump islands. And since the trip is not cheap, participants must pay a registration fee. This rate will be used to compensate for travel expenses, rent a stopping place and other important things to allow that event to continue.

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