Poker 101: Learning the Basics of Poker

Poker is a card game that is famous for combining strategy and skills. Apart from that, Poker also involves betting. It is for this reason that Poker has become popular over the years. There are many versions of Poker and the game is not only played inside private homes but also in casino rooms. With the advent of technology, Poker these days is also played virtually.

If you want to play poker, here are the basic things to know about it:

What is the standard pack?
Poker’s standard pack is 52 cards. This depends on the addition of two jokers. Traditionally, Poker is a one-pack game but many games today use two packs with contrasting colors. This is to hasten the game.


What are the card values?
Regardless of the different types of the Poker game, you have to at least know the basic five card values. The five card values include Five of a Kind, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House and Flush. Five of a Kind is the highest hand or card value. Straight Flush refers to identical suits that are in numerical order. Four of a Kind refers to four cards of the same suit and the other one is the kicker. The Full House refers to three cards with the same rank and two other of matching but different ranks. Finally, the Flush refers to five cards with the same suit.

What about the betting?
It was mentioned a while ago that Poker is also a game of betting that is why many people consider it gambling. Your goal here is to minimize losses. Minimizing losses mean having good hands. Before the cards are dealt, the players are required to put an ante, which is the initial contribution. The round will start when the player makes a bet and the player on the left must “call” (putting same chips in the pot), “raise” (putting more chips in the pot) or “drop” (putting no chips in the pot).

When to bet?
The trick to winning or minimizing losses is to know when to bet. Sometimes players plan to bluff but if you are sure that you have a hand that is best, you should make a bet.

What is the kitty?
The kitty refers to the agreement of all parties to create a special fund. Kitty is usually taking a low denomination chip from the pot. The kitty is for all players and can be used to pay for food, drinks, and even new decks.

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