Play Monopoly, Get Free Spins and Become a Virtual Money-Maker

Getting the classic game on your palms surely impresses you. Monopoly is a game everyone will surely love. What makes this bracing game a real head turner is the offered free spins monopoly slots. Getting this will bring you to superb features that even your 9-year-old kid will be charmed.

A Bit of History

 Monopoly is America’s bestselling board game which is now available in the virtual world. The game allows players to compete, fighting over who can be the most relentless capitalist. Monopoly’s first game modes namely the Edition and the Richest Edition are all brilliant entertainment. Monopoly Edition is a digital presentation of the real-life board game where rules stay intact. As for the Richest Edition, this is where you get to play Mario Party-style to earn posh properties and get upgrades over the board.

What’s with the free spins?

Being in love with the traditional board game, Monopoly, the video version still does its job outstandingly. Winning big spins is a massive delight and you’ll also get to win more bonuses. Monopoly slots offer 3-row slots with 5-reel that brings out prodigious symbols such as waterworks, Scottie dog, steam train, and top hat. Players spin the reels and get gripping level-ups and multipliers. For that huge jackpot you are eyeing over, use up your spinning power and lucky timing. Don’t forget to hold those free spins which are pretty useful as well.

Truly a Game of Money!

Amazing money slot features are here. A lot of wonderful things are delivered by this game. Taking yourself to the wild side of cash is super easy when you know how to win the battle. Getting that trophy will never be a failure if you are aiming for the major league.

Icons, these are fascinating pieces you’ll get to see in the game. Free spins are hot and wild as well. You’ll also get the chance to earn money bonuses in tons. Another engaging thing found in the Wheel Bonus is how you can hold the opportunity to gather community chest cards. These chest cards provide stunning multipliers that range from 1x to 200x.

Captivating Bonuses


            Go Bonus

This is the biggest feature help by Monopoly slots. Just by landing here will already bring you to huge cash prizes. That is a pretty massive triumph!

            Utility Bonus

When you are in this bonus, you are allowed to roll a special utility dice. This specific dice owns extraordinary prizes.

            Railroad Bonus

Achieving this bonus pushes you to the next railroad. Getting there allows you to secure a free roll. Super fantastic right?

            Property Bonus

When a player lands on a property, a small slot machine is then rewarded. This machine can help him win additional cash or rolls.

            Jail Bonus

Activating the jail bonus requires you to roll three doubles in succession.

            Go To Jail Bonus

 This impedes you to claiming the Go Bonus and pushes you right to the jail bonus.

             Community Chest Bonus

This virtual monopoly game is the same as the actual one. However, the board game charges punishments while slots deliver striking prizes.

            Free Parking Bonus

By landing on a free parking square, you are then bestowed with one roll.

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