Myths & Facts About Video Slots

Video slots are one of the most popular games in both physical and online casinos. There are often huge jackpots involved in these games. The presence of a huge jackpot has brought about a lot of theories about how to beat the machine to win the jackpot. There are quite a few myths surrounding these popular slot games. Here we discuss some of the more common myths and discuss the facts.

Myths & Facts

Myth – You can study the pattern of payment in a slot machine and decide when the next payoff will happen.

Fact – It is completely a myth. Every slot machine runs on random number generators. There is no pattern in how a jackpot is given out or when a bonus round is activated. Each spin is separate from the previous spins and is completely random.

Myth – All you have to do to win in slots is to find a hot machine.

Fact –Your chances of winning are same across all the machines. The random number is generated the moment you press the spin button. When you press spin, a random number is chosen which maps out to a predetermined pattern on the machine. Whether this pattern contributes to any wins can be seen by the pay table. There is no such thing as hot or cold machines in slots.

Myth – Casinos can remotely control how each game goes.

Fact – Even though this is theoretically possible, it cannot be carried out practically. To control the slot machine, the server where the machine is loaded has to be reached and data has to be changed. It requires the gaming provider’s help. In offline machines, the ENROM chip has to be removed and worked on to change the existing patterns.

Myth – Playing a game with a player card or a loyalty card affects the chances of winning.

Fact – The machine does not consider any external factors when generating a pattern. A first time player and a veteran who has played in the machine for years on end have the same chance of winning a spin.

It is essential that you understand the facts about slot games so that you do not waste your time on searching for the hot machine or a loose machine and get frustrated. The thrill of slot games comes from the fact that it is completely random and there is no way to know or guess the outcome of a spin. Choose a game that suits your fancy and start playing. You can try a game for free before you put money into it. You can play Sweet bonanza Games online for free on various websites.

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