How Online Casino Games Obtain Their Names?

The origin of gambling is unclear even up to this date. But others believed that at least one type of gambling had been established all over the world throughout history. It starts from Rome and Greece to England and France during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. Besides, there are pieces of evidence that many people have played different types of games of chance.

Because gambling was popular in different parts of the world, the games you’re currently playing in online casino games from agen bola got their names from different areas.

Below is a piece of brief history information about casino games and the stories behind their names.

The First Casino 

The first casino in Europe is called Ridotto. It was located in Venice and was found in 1638. Ridotto was the forefather of the casino by providing controlled gambling for the citizens during the carnival season. Government officials of Venice decided to close the Ridotto in 1774 because they felt that citizens were willing to spend more than what they can afford, and they become impoverished.

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The first gambling venues in American history is called saloons, and it was influenced by the following cities of:

  • San Francisco
  • Louis
  • New Orleans,

Often, travelers came to these saloons to find people to socialize and gambled with. During the 20th century, the U.S. government decided to make gambling illegal, and lawmakers banned it. But in 1931, gambling became legal again. According to the history of gaming, the first legal casino in America was built at Nevada in 1931.

Slot Machines

The first-ever slot machines were created in California by Charles Fey during the 1880s. Soon after it was built, people turn it into a gambling tool so players can enjoy the thrill of spinning to win some prizes. Also, slot machines contributed a lot to riverboat casinos since they both created in the same era.

Before it was called one-armed bandits because the machine was initially operated by the use of the lever on the side that is shaped similar to a human arm. Bandit is a term of the thief since it can make people leave in debt.


It was originated in Europe and was first called as French Roulette. It was developed in 1655 when Blaise Pascal, a scientist, designed the game as a perpetual motion machine. Also, roulette means a small wheel in Europe.


It was started in the early 19th century. Until today, people don’t know how poker obtained its name, but others believe that the word poker comes from in Europe card game called “poque,” which means, “to bluff or brag.”

Some also believed that the word came from a German card game called “Poschspiel,” which originated from the word “pochen.”

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