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Online betting games are very popular these days unlike some years before where the process was carried on in a place termed as casino or any personal space according to the convenience of the people. Many countries are following this which was initiated by Indonesia, followed by Thailand. Time is no-where to be seen in this fast-moving world. Thus, people are continuously in search of alternative modes for every possible thing that could save time, money and energy. The online platform works perfectly as it can be played from anywhere and at any time. All it needs is a decent internet data or a WiFi connection. Witnessing the huge demand for online transactions, many websites have been formed and they compete with each other to be the market leader. Such a site is the ProQQ that provides all games related to betting, gambling, and casino. BandarQ, PokerQQ, DominoQQ, Bandar66, AduQ, CapsaSusun and many more are the games that are available on the website.

Poker Online

How is it different from the others?

The ProQQ site is the most trusted site in Indonesia. Numerous numbers of new players are getting added to their site, giving them an edge over their other counterparts. Irrespective of other factors, they have their own high-quality latest technology systems, extreme speed server that does not complain of any bugs. The most played games are PokerQQ, DominoQQ, AduQ, and BandarQ. These games need regular checking and updates. They also provide 24*7 customer helpline and online chat facility which assists the players to clear any kind of queries or anything of that sort.

What do the players get?

The initial deposit of 20,000 RP does not go unanswered. They are provided with 0.5% cashback bonus which is given to the active players every Tuesday. It is given based on the turnover. A referral bonus of up to 10% is also provided. This type can be claimed if a friend or relative is referred. It is necessary for that person to play the game in order to get the bonus. All these are granted to the players so that they feel safe while playing and do not hesitate to commit to any game. They give the freedom to both deposit and withdraw their money. The website is associated with many of the local banks in Indonesia to carry out the money transferring process. This guarantees the overall protection of the player’s money and assures them of unlimited quality entertainment throughout.

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