People of all ages and different skill levels play domino online. This is a popular game that appeals to different types of people. Most people play this game for fun and entertainment. There are some who are serious about their game and play at a competitive level. They join competitions and tournaments that take place all around the world. There are several variations of the game but the most famous are block and draw. These two form the basis for many of the other variants.

The origin

Dominoes seem to have originated from China. Written references show that early versions of dominoes were already played in China. This was as early as the 12th century. These versions were different from most versions played today. The game then spread throughout many parts of the world. Tiles are often referred to as bones because ivory was the material used back then. Its popularity has skyrocketed in the United Kingdom. Games like this were often used in the 19th century to help settle disputes. This includes land ownership and other matters.

Different variations

Dominoes have different versions. The two most popular versions use the modern set of dominoes or the 28-tile double-six set. These are what players call block and draw. The modern set of dominoes contain 28 tiles. Each of these tiles has a line down the middle to split it into two. Each half contains dots or pips to show their value. The number of pips on each half is between zero and six. A tile with no pip is also known as a blank. Tiles containing the same number of pips on each half are doubles. A double six tile is a tile with six pips on each half of the tile. Other common variations of dominoes are Basic Trains, Cyprus and Muggins. As well as Double Fives and Chicken Foot.


The block

Block is one of the easiest games to learn. It is a very basic form of dominoes played by two players. Each game contains several rounds. All 28 tiles are first placed face down at the start of each game. The two players draw seven tiles each. This will form their hand. The other tiles will stay on one side and will have no use for the rest of the game. A game of block can have a fixed number of rounds. The player with the lowest total value of pips in their hand wins the round.

The draw

The draw has similar rules with block. It is a game for two, three, or four players if using a 28-tile set. A larger set of dominoes will allow more players to join. The game starts like the block. Players draw their starting tiles. They can only take five tiles if there are more than two players. The difference of block from the draw is that players use the rest of the tiles in draw. After the players get the necessary number of tiles, all the tiles are then placed in a pile. This pile is what players call the boneyard.  Another difference is that a player must draw another tile from the boneyard when he or she cannot make a move. The player continues to draw tiles until they can make a move or until the boneyard gets exhausted. The player will then pass his or her turn if that is the case. Game ending and scoring are the same as in block.

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