The Plusnet Arrival

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The world of Networking has of late been depending on the big players only, because mass funding is an important criterion in the advancement of the all encompassing Digital Technology. But recently, a new challenger has used innovative thinking combined with existing technology to provide an option that replicates the state of the art services at a price that is confounding the experts. Even the highly technology savvy South Koreans are wondering, and have welcomed this new Idea with old technology reuse to their progressive country. The arrival of was originally viewed with curiosity, but now that curiosity has been converted to actual congratulations.

Data Gathering

At the heart of the new System is Data Gathering. While the Biggies offer a ready-made product to their Customers, with a “take it or leave it” option, Plusnet quietly listens to its Customers. Often using existing Fiber Optics based land installations (after suitable up gradation), the System uses FTTC (Fiber To The Cabinet) methods to make large reductions in Installation Costs, and passes these benefits on to the valued Customer. The ordinary man in the street is not bothered about whether the technology is cutting edge or not, but the service received, and at what price. This new service first establishes a genuine feedback system, and then constantly gathers constructive data which it uses to continuously modify itself to suit Customer objectives. This is the reason why Users find a continuous bombardment of feedback cookies on their screens. But unlike their equivalents in the ranks of their Super Competitors, PlusNet actually listens to, and analyses intensely, the Data fed back by the Customers. This creates a close, interactive bonding between the User and the Service Provider.

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What is this Data used for?

The Feedback Control System used here is genuinely Closed Loop, and not just an exercise in public relations, as is the case with most other Large Servers. Added to this closeness, PlusNet uses some real state of the art digital techniques to create extremely powerful and localized Hubs. Geostationary captive satellites beam directly to the Hubs, without any interference, to create powerful all weather systems. To augment local presence, contact groups are organized, with team leaders selected from volunteering members, to keep constant watch over the needs of Customers.

Protective Umbrella

The Umbrella encompasses TV, Mobile Phones, and Broad Beam under one roof, with all three OS available (iOS, Android and MS Windows) under a single PlusNet header.

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