Slot glossary of terms

Slot machine games are the most popular games in the online casino world. The new gamblers like to start their journey by playing slot machines games. There are many specific terms which are associated with eth สล็อตออนไลน์ games. For few terms, there is no need for any explanation but, some terms need explanation. It is always better to know all the terms related to slot games, as it is for sure that you will come across those words while playing. Below are some of the terms with their explanation.

  • Active payline: It is a line that is currently in play. If that pay line will get the winning combination then the player will get the payout. Usually, the player will have the chance to choose the number of paylines which they want to play for.
  • Auto-play: It is an option that can be used to set up automatic spin a certain number of times. When this option is active there is no need to push the lever or press the button to spin.
  • Bet Max: The bet max is the maximum number of lines and the amount you can bet on a pay-line.

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  • Bet per line: The amount which you bet on one line. If you have selected multiple payline then the amount will be multiplied by the total number of paylines.
  • Bonus feature: In some slot games there are some bonus symbols that either appear when a combination of specific symbols is formed or appear randomly while playing the game. It can either give some free spins to the player or they can get some bonus payout.
  • Classic slot: It is a very old traditional slot game, which has only three wheels and the player can play only for one pay line at a time.
  • Coin size: The amount which player wager on payline is calculated in coins. The worth of each coin is depended upon the size of the coin.
  • Fixed jackpot: In fixed jackpot will have a pre-determined jackpot value so after they win the jackpot they will receive that amount.
  • Free spins: Free spins are something in which the player can spin the wheel without paying money. The free spins can be obtained while playing the game, or sometimes the operator distributes the free spins to the players.
  • Multi-line slots: The slot machine games in which players can select more than one playine.


Hope this information will be useful for all the new joiners who would like to play slot machines games.

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