Secret Ways to make money playing computer games

Computer games are something that is loved by a lot of people. This has been the best part of the childhood of a lot of people. There are some parents thatmistake the playing of computer games as an evil. However,researcheshave to say something really different. They say that computer games actually makes the child much more sharp and active. The body is in the developing stages and that is the reason when the thing to provide the body is adapted very fast.

For children is fun for an adult it is to pass the time. However, there is another side to games that not much realizes. The secret is that through games at oglok you can also make money. Here are the different ways that you can make money with computer games.

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There are games that are coming up every day. Some of them are easy to comprehend while othersare very difficult. If you are a gaming enthusiast then you are sure to be more great at grasping things. Hence, you can actually teach the people and gamers all around the world to play games. All you have to do is guide them through the process.

Some may think how would that be possible. The answer to that is you can take help of YouTube to make a tutorial or you can also have your own blog. Bog writingis consideredto be very profitable. After creating the blogs all you have to do is to runs adds and affiliations.

The tutorials can have:

  • How to play games?
  • All the rules are givenparticular games
  • Tips to be better in that game.
  • Provide ideas for a game theory.

Theseare the common things that you could do. In addition to that if you are great at that you can also have your own e-book printed and distributed for money. The money and the income that you would get from here are way too much.

Tournament gaming

Most of the top level game and their developers organize competition over the internet. The best thing about these tournaments is that these tournaments are money based and hence if you have the skills to play games then you are sure to make a lot of money out of it.

There are some professional gamers that actually make a livelihood out of it. The best part is you would be making money from that thing your parents thought as to be a wastage of time.


There are some that take this as a profession by being a game tester. The gameshave to be bugs free before they are set out in the public.

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