Position at the Poker table refers to where a player sits apropos of other players or the dealer. One that lets you act later in hand is always better. The latter your turn is, the better.

Most beginners do not consider the position of their opponents. That is one of the biggest mistakes they make. You should always take it into account, as well as your opponents’ stack. Both of these are important. The profit per hand becomes higher when you are sitting closer to the dealer button.

The deal rotates around the table in Poker to give everyone an equal chance in all positions.

Dealer position or The Button

It is best when you are sitting in the dealer position or on The Button. Why is this considered as the most desirable position in Poker? The person on the button will always act last in each round of betting after the flop. Being last to act is beneficial. You have seen everyone in hand take action before you choose one. That is a massive advantage because you can get away with playing more marginal hands on the button.

Early position or Small Blind

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Players consider the three seats to the left of the dealer to be in prime position. The first position is the worst position at the Poker table. The two players who must pay the forced bets are what you call the blinds. The small blind or SB is the player on the left side of the dealer. The player left of the small blind is the big blind or BB. These are the worst positions in Poker. You have to act first while not knowing how any of the other players will play their hands. You do not have much information on the other players before you decide whether to bet, check, fold, or raise the bet. Veteran players only play the best of the best of cards here.

Middle position

Those between the early and late positions are players in the middle position. You can see how the players in the initial position play their hands before you make any decision. You can act based on their actions and create the necessary strategies. You can indeed play a little looser when you are in the middle position, but you must stay cautious.

Late position

This one is the best position to have at the Poker Galaxy table. Aside from the dealer, those to his right are in the late position. You will have a lot of information about how the hand is going. You have seen the majority of the players’ actions so you can decide better. You can call, bet, raise, or fold, depending on how they played their cards. It is an advantage because you can improve your position when the button folds.

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