Poker Tournament Strategy: Discover the Ace Myth

One of the most common mistakes players make in online small-buy hold’em tournaments is to overestimate As King as hidden cards. This is largely due to inexperience, impatience and wrong judgment, as well as the fact that As King just “looks” very strongly when you look at your monitor and see that they are sitting there for you.

A big spot, as ace-king says, can be a powerful hand for aggressive tournaments, but doing this aggression requires much greater specificity than you think.

Now, depending on whether your AK is suitable or not, you are looking down at group 1 or 2 since your daftar poker online calculator probably points to you. Nevertheless, in accordance with this, it is necessary to think carefully to know that the groups were classified taking into account the game in the ring, as well as the fact that in the group with one hand AKs is the ONLY playing hand, where AA, KK, QQ, and JJ could be considered “made” my hands.

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There you cash out your main strategy when playing Ace-King. This is a draw, and, in particular, in the early stages of a tournament, you should treat it like most lottery hands: play at least with some help from the flop.

If you always remember that since the king is a lottery hand, you can offer a more reasonable strategy for playing after the flop. Now, of course, depending on your opponents, the stage of the tournament, the size of the stack, the zone of m, etc. This can be radically different, even the flop will not help you. However, there is simply no reason to get rid of your hopes for a tournament at an early stage with AK, when the flop comes a rainbow 2-6-9.

In summary

The most ridiculous thing in this situation is that in multi-table tournaments with low participation (and even in some tournaments with high participation) many players leave their tournament stack at a high level with AK when the flop did not help them. Without a doubt, this is an unwarranted aggressive movement, which most of the time will see you on the line in the short term. Of course, there are times when you can drop a pot when someone calls your pre-flop raise. Why? You made a bank, maybe 350 chips, when the blinds are still 25 and 50. Now you want to add to your 1,700 remaining chips to win 350? Indeed, indeed, it is really not worth it. This is the time for a passive, cautious game with the intention of keeping his stack, and not allowing him to move with one hand. If you use a poker calculator, you will scream that you are probably lagging behind, but players often ignore this advice.

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