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            A lot of people are confused about what type of card is marked. At first every card that has been labelled is the same as the initial of the presentation. For transparent ink back labeling cards, the way to use contact lenses. It is easy and intuitive to see the marks on the rear of the card. You don’t have to care about the exploration of someone. Yet skilled technicians have been working on them. Various poker has different properties and formulations. Such that the labeling process and the invisible ink used are different.

            This is by far the most common and preferred method to mark cards. The technical staff of some websites used transparent luminous ink to mark the back of the cards.  So that people can’t see the label with our human eye. There are different types of Marked Cards for Poker Players & Magicians. All this is accessible online and for your convenience. Click on the link to be redirected to the site.

  • Magic Marked Deck

            This sort of marked deck has been used for stage tricks. They are labelled with a very tiny number and a letter showing the worth of the card. As S2 means for Spade 2. You will recognize each card in this manner, even with a brief look. But it is far from sufficient to play the supreme marked cards without anyone to play with.

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  • Marked Cards for Contact Lenses

            With the exemption of the magic-marked deck. The contact lenses marked cards are also a very popular form of Marked Cards for Poker Players & Magicians. These cards are labelled with a suit and a number on the rear back with the aid of invisible ink and a specialized tool. So, our naked eye can’t see anything on the back. Unless you’re wearing thermal contact lenses or cheating sunglasses. Especially in comparison to eyewear, it would be much better to wear lenses. For contact lenses labelled with cards, they not only withstand “the riffle test”. But are also ideal for all poker gamblers of any age, level of skill and poker games.

  • Thermal Camera Marked Cards

            Cards labelled with an infrared camera are what you’d expect.  Concealed in the back shape, only the infrared camera scan can reveal you what the card is on the panel. Although the marking patterns are the same as the second marking cards. This kind of cheating card has the highest protection. They’re interpreted by an infrared cheating camera.

  • Marked Cards Scanning System

            Similar as the above marked gameplay cards. You can notice the marked cards for the poker scanning device. These are also commercial purposes made. These numbered play cards, with a key or code on their four corners.  They can read a poker scanner or a poker analyzer that can produce 100% correct results within 0.1 seconds. Some people are suspicious when it’s possible to decipher the contact lens code. Marked cards can be decoded only based on the scanning device used.

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