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Casino games are very popular in today’s world. Anyone can play from any country through the high speed internet connectivity. One of the most popular game most of the money gambled is Indonesia online poker game. According to the American senate every quarter of a dollar is better in online poker game. So most of the people are obsessed in betting in online games.

The traditional poker game is playing with five cards. At the end of the game, highest rank card holder wins the pot. But today, the poker online Indonesia game is modernised to various levels. Many variety of games available for gambling.

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha high
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Seven card stud
  • Raaz
  • Five card draw
  • Deuce to seven triple draw
  • Badugi

Among these, the first thing comes to mind about online poker game is Texas Hold’em because that is very popular in online. Similarly Omaha is gaining its popularity it shares most the Texas hold’em game rules. Seven card is much popular in UK.

The above said varieties are classified under three major categories as Draw poker, stud poker and community card poker. Here draw poker played with face down cards and they improve the value by replacing it with certain number of cards. The five card draw falls under this category.

poker online

Stud poker involves both face down and open cards. Here opponent can have a clue about the player. The seven card stud is under stud poker category. In community card poker, the player uses the community card and improve the rank of the cards. The very popular games like Texas and Omaha high falls under this category.

Some special type of poker online Indonesia games are available with more complexity. But the lowest rank card holder are awarded the pot. They are categorized as lowball and high-low split poker. Lowball poker awards the pot to the least rank holder. So players have to lessen the value of cards by replacing it in most possible ways. Here ace is considered as least rank.The high low split is much more complicated. In this the highest and lowest rank holder share the pot. Omaha Hi/Lo is high-low split poker. Mostly beginners are advised not to choose this special type of poker games since it requires additional experiences.

Betting limit / structure is different for different poker games. They are categorized as fixed limit, unlimited and pot limit. Fixed limit let you raise the bet at the fixed amount and number of raise also limited. Final round does not have fixed amount raise. All can be chipped into the pot. When it comes to unlimited betting, raise is no fixed limit but should follow a minimum raise. The pot limit is decided based on how much bet is placed on the pot. According to that everyone has to bet.

Beginners need not choose quickly the type of game they want to play. It is advised to play the Texas and Omaha initially. Once they are familiar, then it is worth taking the risk.


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