Online Casino Games – Key Highlights

During a visit to a casino one might notice some people sitting in front of a machine, putting a coin in the slot, pulling the lever and feverishly looking at the screen. Different expressions on the face of each individual are quite the spectacle. Some would be delighted and excited, some might look worried and some might even seem to be in sheer agony. Visit to get started.

Slot machines are not new to the world. They have been there since 1899 when Charles Fey of San Francisco first devised them in his garage. He named his machine, “Liberty Bell”. Following Charles Fey, a lot of attempts have been made to improve the functioning of the slot machines. This constant upgradation of the technology involved in slot machines has made this game a landmark in the history of machine based games. It has now become so popular that not only casinos but even airports, bowling alleys and other entertainment hangouts have them. Over the years, the traditional slot machines have been replaced by virtual online slots. Ranging from 3 reel slots to 5 reel slots and beyond, this online gaming adventure has lured millions of people into becoming its addict.


The principle behind the fancy looking slot machine is fairly simple, one just needs to be aware of certain facts related to the game.

  • Reels: The most fundamental part of a slot machine are its reels. A standard slot machine has at least three reels, the number of reels may however vary when it comes to more advanced models of slots where the number may even go high up to ten. Basically reels are the strips which rotate in order to generate a combination of symbols. These symbols embedded on the strip can be anything such as fruits, cards or diamonds.
  • Paylines: In most simple words, a payline is the order of certain reels coming together in a line which generates a reward. Every slot machine has a fixed number of paylines ranging from one to five. Modern online slot machines however offer more such paylines. Although it must be noted that a player needs to place a bet on the paylines he believes may do the trick for him. If the reels align in accordance with the bet placed, the player is rewarded otherwise not.
  • Paytable: The paytable displays all the winning combinations. It also shows the jackpot and the amount that can be won according to the placed bet on
  • Random Number Generator (RNG): The RNG is assigned with the job of generating random numbers every split seconds with the help of a complex algorithm. This random number is generated irrespective of whether a person is playing on the machine or not. When one pulls the lever, the machine fetches the random number generated by the RNG, sets the reels in motion and decides which symbols appear on the reels. The presence of RNG makes the slot games highly unpredictable and therefore ensures fair play.

The online slots never let you get bored. The restlessness they create after every unlucky spin, and the unsurmountable amount joy that follows once you hit a payline, makes it too good to resist. One just has to insert a coin again and spin the reels.

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