Malta Is Not the Cheapest Jurisdiction to Obtain a Casino License

Malta is located in south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta is not the cheapest jurisdiction to obtain a casino license. The people who look for cheap gambling license this will not be suited. Malta is a part of the European Union which makes it a very attractive jurisdiction to obtain a gambling license. It comes with tax incentives and an expert work force. Malta gaming authority has four types of remote gambling licenses. First, the licenses would include casino type games and online lotteries. Second, the license would include fixed-odds betting. Third, the license would include poker rooms and peer to peer gaming. Fourth, licenses would host and mange remote gaming operators. This gambling license exercise all information related to those involved in financing and management and on the business validity of the operation. This also conducts integrity investigations with national and international regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies. This gambling license conducts depth financial analysis of the applicant’s business plan.

Malta Gaming Authority

The application process of Malta Gambling License needs details pertaining to marketing and distribution strategies, HR planning, and growth targets. Operational and statutory process includes examining the company’s incorporation documents, the games, the business processes related to conducting the remote games, the rules, terms, conditions, and procedures of the games, the application architecture and the system architecture. Within 60 days, the applicant may request an external systems audit where the live environment will be explained against the proposed application. Once the certification process is completed, and then the Malta gaming authority will issue five year license. Once the license is issued, an independent third party will be contracted to perform number of compliance audits throughout the first and third year operations.

The License Holder Will Become A Part Of Malta Family

The services that provide by the Malta gaming authority made available to the user will depend on their personal preferences. Some of the services are filing of the annual returns, preparation and processing bank transactions, payroll services, certification of documents, legal administration etc. Malta gaming authority is a combination of top notch environment coupled with technical capabilities which allows it to offer a world class service. Companies with an online gambling license in Malta are regulated under the provisions of the remote gaming regulations. These are one of the fastest growing business sectors in Malta. The license holder of this gambling license is part of the Malta family; they can be assured of operating without interference from any bothersome government agencies. Obtaining Malta casino or betting license is relatively inexpensive and time efficient if the applicant company is well prepared. Many financial service institutions are available in Malta to support the remote gambling operators. The gambling license of the Malta provides comprehensive professional support to clients.

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