How to Safely Choose your Online Gambling Site

     With the proliferation of online gambling sites, the risks that are involved for players also increased exponentially. There is money in being able to hack your online game account and scammers and hackers are already working to exploit weaknesses on the websites security protocols. Online poker, Domino Ceme, qq online, and other card games are prolific and are very popular. Granted that the website operators have security measures in place that protect, it never hurts to have some of your own. In general, you can protect yourself online using these methods.

Two-way Authentication

     Most secure online websites offer this feature as standard these days. As the name suggests, aside from a standard password,  you would be asked to input a secondary code sent to a device that you also own, such as a cell phone or another email address. Some sites will even go as far as sending you a small device which generates a one-time use code for you to use every time you log in for a play session. This alone will deter most simple run of the mill hackers.

Do not use an admin account

     This is something that is actually very simple yet very effective. When you plan on a session, log in to an account in your computer with no administrative access or privileges. This will actually prevent any malicious software or hacker to secretly install spyware on your machine. If you have not done so, create an account just for your online games on your pc or laptop.


Avoid Wifi Hotspots

     Now, this is a long-standing security measure out there. Hackers and scammers can create their own hotspots with tweaks to route your login information and compromise your accounts. Avoid these public wifi hotspots at all costs for your gaming. Use your own data connection or tether your device to your own portable wifi hotspot. to avoid these. Bringing your own network is the only way to go while on the move and traveling.

Use A Password Generator

      Yes, you can do that. However, this goes against all my security instincts. I somehow will not let an online resource generate my passwords for me because who knows if it is being recorded yes? Use the strongest most random ideas you can come up with. Stay away from personal dates, names and birthdays. Use a combination of symbols, uppercase, and lowercase letters and random words unrelated to anything in your life. Never use passwords twice nor should you use the same passwords for multiple applications or devices.

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