Have a gambling license for a virtual casino

A trusted online casino business begins with obtaining an online gambling license. It allows you to run a legal casino and demonstrate trustworthy behavior of the supplier, as well as a commitment to a fair gaming policy. Having an online gaming license is also an indicator of transparency in business operations and the safety of the gaming software obtainable to clients.

It is impossible baccarat online to establish a merchant account in a bank without a proper online gaming license to set up a casino. Banks are very careful with their business partners and are always willing to cooperate with a company recognized by a regulatory body in a given jurisdiction.

How much does a Curacao gambling license cost?

The price of the gambling baccarat online license depends on many factors and may vary depending on the availability of the client’s personal resources.

In total, initially, the Curacao license costs less than 20,000 Euros. Compared to other jurisdictions, the price is very affordable. The Curacao gambling license allows you to open an account at a any  branch of the bank and seamlessly connect all reliable payment systems to the online casino. Due to flexible tax laws, the income tax is only 2%.

baccarat online

This Curacao license price includes:

  • The registration of the local offshore company to apply the preferential conditions;
  • The issuance of a gambling license;
  • Local hosting and server space evaluated;
  • Local business management during the first year;

 The services of the group, the appearance and registration of all the necessary documentation, which requires an standard of 2 to 3 weeks from the beginning of the processing.

How is a Curacao license issued?

Entrepreneurs or anybody with an entrepreneurial state of mind who enters the world of online gambling, do not understand all the specific nuances of managing a gambling business legally and do not know how to deal with the problems that may arise later. Gaming Licensing can offer you professional help and answer all questions related to the process of issuing a Curacao license.

Gaming Licensing experts are familiar with all Curacao laws, so you can rest assured that the application for a gambling license will be issued in accordance with all international requirements and legal regulations.

Gaming Licensing provides a ready-to-use registration of the Curacao license. The Gaming Licensing service has no hidden costs or fees; Only a fixed price specified in the contract.

In arrange for us to serve you improved, you must give the following ID when requested:

  • D;
  • Bank reference;
  • An English translation of all documents;
  • Information on the income of the company;
  • The business plan.

Should you get a gambling license?

Without a doubt! The license is the only thing that helps an online gambling business operate within a legal framework, but also guarantees a responsible approach when working with an international client base.

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