Different types of casino bonuses

If you have the gusto for playing games, casinos can offer you unlimited variety. New games with a variety of upgraded features are introduced.

The online casinos are different from the land based ones mainly in the variety of games that is on offer. The ease of playing from the comfort of your home is the main attraction for many.

Like the variety of games offered, online casinos mega888 apk offer many different types of bonuses too.  The following can be a good guide to help a beginner know the variety of bonuses offered..

Welcome Bonus:

When you join a casino as a new player you are offered a welcome bonus. This can be a combination of deposit bonus and free spins or other kinds of free bonus. This is the first kind of bonus that will be offered in any online casino.

This is the main point that attracts players to join a casino. The welcome bonus offered in different casinos varies according to their policy.

Deposit bonus:

When a new player makes a fresh deposit in a casino he is given a reward in the form of a bonus. This also varies between casinos.

In general, this is given as a percentage of your deposit, like 50%, 65%, or sometimes even 100%. There may be some promotional offers too. Since the bonus is linked to your bonus it is called a deposit bonus. Wagers are set for withdrawal of bonuses. These are given in the rules and the player should read them before joining.

No Deposit bonus:

This is like a jackpot. Sometimes without making any deposit you are paid a bonus, for free. No deposit bonus is generally given for a certain promotional period so that many newbies can make use of the opportunity during such times.

   Make sure that the rules regarding such types of bonuses are clearly spelled out.

Free spins:

This is given in slot games and is liked by many players. They are given as groups of 20,30 or 50 or even more. After they are paid they need to be spent within some specific number of days.

Cashback bonus:

This can be considered a savior kind of bonus as it covers the losses incurred to some extent. Gambling involves chance and so the possibility of losing is more. If a bonus to cover a certain percentage of loss like 20% is offered it can be of great benefit to the player.

Some other bonuses like reload bonus, VIP bonus, and referral bonuses are also offered.

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