Advantages and Disadvantages of playing online poker

There are many players who think that playing online poker is a matter of entertainment and fun. They have no idea that what sacrifice it takes to start playing poker for the living. It is a thought of many people that playing poker for the living has only positive effects on their life. The reality is that there is both good and bad aspect of playing online poker for the living. To play agen poker online for living everyone should know what they have to deal with. There are many advantages and disadvantages of playing poker for a living.

 The following are the advantages and disadvantages of playing agen poker online for the living.


Flexibility of schedule

The most important advantage for a person who is playing poker online for a living is that the person can select the working hours. This means that the person is able to select the days of his works and also he can choose the hours he should work. So it is not like working from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and also going to the office is also no longer a part of our life.

Win more than any other job

Initially, even the professional poker players cannot become millionaires but at the moment we start to play poker as a professional player and with full concentration then in a very short time we can get the opportunity to win a large incredible amount of money. When a person starts to earn more money per hour than any other job just by playing poker then the person will choose to play poker for the living.


No fixed monthly Income

If anyone is playing online poker for the living then the person should keep in mind that the income of every month will not be fixed. There is a chance of getting a loss in a game. So there remains an insecurity of income. Therefore if anyone is in this profile then the person save the money that he has wined for the time of requirement.

Living a passive life style

A player of online poker who plays poker for the living has to spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer playing poker. If anyone thinks that it is the right thing he or she wanted to do with life then choose this a way of earning your living and lead a passive life.

 Therefore it is clear from the above discussion that there are advantages as well as disadvantages of playing poker for the living and if anyone can withstand all the situation and particularities of this profile then only the person can choose to play poker as their way of earning for the living.


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